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New outside play area coming to The Maypole in May! Watch this space for more info.......


Oh what a year we had! Winner of The PMA community pub of the year. A great achievement for everyone involved especially the customers that support us in our efforts to bring The Maypole back to the community.

The Maypole's club page!!

Over the past years we have built up quiet a large weekly club following. Hockey, bikers, runners, cyclists, Parkinson's, young farmers to name a few clubs that meet at The Maypole.

7 years of The Maypole.........

We've jumped from a crane and a plane, had clogg dancers and wasailed, had 2 massive music festivals, our 3rd baby girl. See what else we have got up to since December 6th 2006.


An evening with The Man From F.U.N.K.L.E

For one night only...................The Man from F.U.N.K.L.E will be playing a very special private gig just for us!
Tickets are £10 each a FREE still cider bar! Limited tickets are available via Eventbright or click

Eventbrite - An evening with The Man from F.U.N.K.L.E


Keeping it local......

From the real ales, cider to most of our raw food ingredients, its all grown or supplied through local people and companies. We form close relationships with all our supplies helping maintain our green 'rules' and making sure we get the best for our customers. With the links we have built over the years our supply chain is very transparent and we can hand on heart tell you where all our meat, vegetable and dairy comes from, and we use high quality suppliers for all our dry goods too! Unlike big chain pubs or pubs who do not employ real chefs, we know exactly what goes into our food, this is why we are known for our ability to cater for people with dietary needs.

If music be the food of love?.....

Well then we love you all! From our yearly music festival to live music in the bar or our fun days, live, real music forms a massive part. See when it's live next at The Maypole.......